Ouzo 12 C6 70cl Vol 38%

Ouzo 12 C6 70cl Vol 38%
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Since 1880, the distillery of Kaloyiannis family produces this ouzo. At that time, customers wanted to be served from cask No. 12, because it contained the best ouzo. Today, the Ouzo 12 is the most famous ouzo in the world.

Ouzo 12 is the result of double distillation, so that the product purity and excellent quality are guaranteed. By the method of double distillation, the product is free of harmful substances. This means that you do not wake up the next day with a headache.

Ouzo 12 has a rich, natural flavor, who proceeds exclusively from the distilled seeds (fennel, star anise, anise, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg). The final distillate is produced from an amount of more than 5% of the above-mentioned aromatic seeds.

We recommend it as an aperitif with ice and some water or soda. Of course you can also drink it as a digestive after a hearty Greek food.

Serving temperature: 4 ° -12 ° C