Jägermeister 35cl Vol 35%

Jägermeister 35cl Vol 35%
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Jägermeister is a liqueur made from 56 herbs. The recipe for the liqueur has been around since 1934. Produced and bottled is Jägermeister in Lower Saxony Wolfenbüttel.

Jägermeister is either pure (then iced) drunk or as mix-drink. In addition to the classic long drinks with orange juice, coke etc. There are a variety of recipes, such as cocoa or milk.

The Jägermeister logo refers to the Hubertus legend and shows the head of a stag with a glowing cross between the rungs of his antlers. The label on the bottle is the following poem by Otto giant valley:

It is the hunter's honor shield,
that he protects and cherishes his game,
weidmännisch hunts, as it ought,
honors the Creator in creation.