Grand Marnier Rouge 70cl Vol 40%

Grand Marnier Rouge 70cl Vol 40%
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The original recipe was invented in 1880 by Frenchman Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle and is used unchanged to this day.

To create this extraordinary liqueur, he experimented with Cognac and extracts caribbean bitter orange. It was the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge.
Its aroma wealth owes the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, not least the balanced recipe, after which shells come from Caribbean bitter oranges used and refine the liqueur prevail.

The characteristic bulbous bottle engraved with the seal and red ribbon underlines the high quality and long tradition that is maintained in the home Lapostolle.

The Grand Marnier, you can enjoy the best neat or on ice. It is also suitable as an ingredient for fine desserts and premium cocktails.