Smirnoff C120 5cl Vol 37.5%

Smirnoff C120 5cl Vol 37.5%
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The history of Smirnoff Vodka began in 1910 as Vladimir Smirnov took over the company after the death of his father Pyotr Smirnov. During the October Revolution, the distillery was confiscated and the family had to flee to Constantinople Opel, where Vladimir built a new distillery. Four years later the family moved to Lviv, in 1925 the spelling of the name was changed to Smirnoff and the late 1930s, Smirnoff was exported to most European countries. Vladimir Smirnov in 1934 sold the company to Rudolph Kunett who relocated the company headquarters in the United States. Meanwhile Smirnoff is one of Diageo and is among the world's best-selling vodka.

Smirnoff, incidentally, was the first distillery world, used the charcoal to filter.